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Davis Ditterich: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to TTW >Implications! A lot happened at Textamania II and hopefully we'll be able to resolve some of the implications tonight.

Dingo Patterson: And in plain talk that means a lot of good fights.

Davis: That's true. In fact we have our first match coming up very soon: High Society vs The Anti-High Society Alliance! We'll take you now to Father Kojo, who'll be speaking on behalf of the alliance.

Father Kojo: High Society, you may have gotten the best of Panther, Trippy, and ElBeardy recently, but tonight at >Implications, the winds of change are blowing in TTW. I've gotten my boy Panther together with the former Tag Team Champs, and as far as I'm concerned, the rightful tag champs of TTW together. These guys have joined my Pack. We're on the same page. We've all got one thing on our collective minds for tonight: revenge. You've had the element of surprise on your side recently, High Society. Unfortunately for you, that is not the case tonight with this Pack. It's going to be an knockdown, drag out war in the ring, and under my guidance and the talents of my boy Panther along with Trippy and ElBeardy, we can't lose. 

Dingo: I guess we should be calling them the pack now.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is a trios match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 755 lbs, accompanied to the ring by Father Kojo, the team of ElBeardy, El Trippy del Faggot and Panther Kojo! And their opponents, at a combined weight of 627 lbs, they are the holders of the TTW Tag Team and American Championships, the team of Cody Jester, Garth Wrestlegar and Sir Dan Danielson the Third, High Society!

Dingo: That has to be the most star-studded trio you've ever seen Davis. Everyone in that team has a championship. How can the pack possibly beat them?

Davis: High Society do have many wins under the belts but they haven't exactly been the cleanest wins I've ever seen. I think that putting them all in one match like this has taken away their ability to interfere from the outside and that the pack is better off for that.

Dingo: We'll see as Beardy and Jester start off.

Davis: Lockup in the centre and Beardy takes control, changing it into an Irish whip. Beardy goes for a clothesline as Jester comes back off the rebound but he ducks it and hits the other ropes. Comes running back again and Beardy gets him trapped in a crossface! Crossface is locked in but it's right on the ropes and Beardy is forced to break the hold.

Dingo: Beardy gets some points for that counter there. Then he loses them all for poor ring awareness.

Davis: I wasn't aware you were keeping score. Anyway, both men back to their feet and this time Jester has the advantage. He gets in several stiff kicks and then gets Beardy in an Irish whip of his own. Beardy comes back off the rebound and Jester jumps up for a standing frankensteiner but Beardy pushes him off in a running powerbomb! He goes for the cover – one, two... Kickout! 

Dingo: Yeah, it'll take more than that to put away the American Champion of America.

Davis: Beardy's grabbed Jester's legs – I think he's looking for the figure four. Jester fights him off though and then lashes out with a kick to the temple that sends Beardy down to the mat. Jester's up quickly and he tags in Garth Wrestlegar.

Dingo: There's some ring awareness for you. I'm writing some points down now.

Davis: Uh, okay. Beardy's back to his feet now and catches Garth with a vertical suplex but Garth slips out the back. German suplex from Garth now and High Society's back in control. Garth drops a knee on Beardy's face then tags in Sir Dan.

Dingo: Mate, High Society are all over this. I'm losing track of the points.

Davis: I think you had too many beers before we started. Sir Dan's in now and he applies an armbar to Beardy. Beardy makes his way to the ropes though and Dan breaks the hold. The ref forces Dan back as Beardy gets up but Dan comes in anyway and gets Beardy with a gutwrench suplex. Dan goes for the cover and he's hooked his legs on the ropes. I'm not even angry any more. I expected this.

Dingo: Don't be so grumpy Davis.

Davis: One, two... Kickout! Beardy kicked out despite Dan's illegal leverage! And Garth is not happy: he's run in the ring and started dropping knees on Beardy! This is illegal!

Dingo: Not if he's out again quickly. The ref's warning him – wait, Trippy's run in and dropped Garth with a running splash! This is unfair!

Davis: Sir Dan's up and he tags in Cody Jester who jumps up to the ropes and comes in with a springboard hurricanrana to El Trippy but Trippy stalls him and drops him with a Psychedelic Experience!

Dingo: No! Come on! 

Davis: Trippy turns around but Sir Dan's back in now and he catches him with a big roundhouse kick that sends him crashing down to the mat. Beardy's gotten back to his feet though behind all this and he's tagged in Panther Kojo! Springboard dropkick from Kojo and Sir Dan goes over the ropes to the outside. Jester's the legal man still and Kojo gets on to the apron. He jumps up and – Panther Pounce to Jester! Cody his the Panther Pounce and holds it for the cover – one, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners as the result of a pinfall, the team of ElBeardy, El Trippy Del Faggot & Panther Kojo!

Davis: That was messy but effective.

Dingo: Yeah, well, High Society are still champs. Anyway, we cut live to Stunning Steven Bowie's press conference.

A podium with a picture of Stunning Steven Bowie's face on the front stands between two hanging curtains. He walks up to the podium, still on the phone with a beautiful woman in a dress on his arm and a man in a suit behind him

Stunning Steven Bowie: - no, yeah you have a good point, I never said the losers in that match were good - I merely said they seemed like they tried their hardest, and that has to count for something. Look, we'll finish this tonight over some drinks - I've got a press conference to grace with myself. You too, bye.

He closes the phone and hands it to the woman in the dress. She smiles and walks away

Bowie: Well look at how lucky you guys are! Not only do you get more than your money's worth in photos of my Stunning face - you get the gift of my words, my responses, my thoughts! Boys and girls, you are in the presence of greatness! TTW's best ever American Champion of America, winner of the 2010 Universally Recognized Best Hair and Beard Award, and the first-one-and-only TTW Mone-...Stunning in the Bank winner!

the man in a suit steps up to the mic as Bowie poses for pictures

Lawyer: TTW's Money in the Bank shall henceforth be soley recognized as TTW's Stunning in the Bank. Failure to do so may result in lawful action
the man steps back

Bowie: I've been asked by everyone I talk to "Why didn't you cash in the night you won it?" I tell them, I didn't get cold feet - I was just too busy partying. "When are you going to cash in?" I say chill - you'll know it when it happens. "What do you think of the new TTW World Champion?" I say he's cool even though I don't mean it - I just don't want any heat between us. Because you know what, I may be too busy enjoying myself and the parties and the ladies at said parties. I may not even know if he's been able to hold on to it without my intervention. I may actually end up having something in common with the disgusting slobs in the audience, and simply not care. If I'm not the champion, the champion isn't worth talking about. With that being said, you may find yourself wondering if I just held this press conference to talk about myself. To that, I say that sounds like an excellent time, but there are also other things on the agenda tonight! On the topic of me, though, I feel compelled to take a moment to pause and reflect on the fact that - I told you so! I told you so I told you so I told you so. I told you I would win, I told you I had nothing to prove, I told you I would be the one with the briefcase, I told you TTW would get just a little bit more Stunning that night! And look at that, it all happened! 

Bowie: That leads me into my second order of business - a dear friend of mine that happens to be very rich paid a lot of money to commission this amazing work of art and was generous enough to donate it to the venue, to commemorate its place in history! 

The curtains drop, revealing a statue of Bowie adorned with all of TTW's championship straps and a statue of a muscular shirtless man in a martial arts pose 

Bowie: As for this he gestures to the shirtless man is not only a gift to me, but to everyone else as well! One of my favorite actors of all time, the star of countless incredible action films, THE best fight choreographer in Hollywood, and an increasingly good friend of mine he moves to fistbump the statue but it reaches out and shakes his hand will now be known simply as Spade. If you wish, you people may also call him Stunning Steven Bowie's amazing tag partner, the most exhilarating and awe-inspiring high flier ever seen, or one half of the future TTW Tag Team Champions. 

The two of them pose for photos together

Bowie: Now if you'll excuse us, now that Spade is leading a Stunning life, we've got a full night ahead of us. The woman comes back to lock her arm with Steven's, as another grabs onto Spade's arm. 

Munch B. Cool: Hold on! You think you've got what it takes to be a tag team wrestler? How about you face me and my new partner right now?

Mike Kuzuna: Yeah. Let's see if you can back your words up.

Stunning Steven Bowie: Really? Uh, I don't mean to offend you but – oh, what the hell, I guess we have a bit of time. Come on Spade, let's show them.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 369 lbs, the team of Mike Kuzuna and Munch B. Cool! And their opponents, at a combined weight of 415 lbs, the team of Spade and Mr. Stunning in the Bank Stunning Steven Bowie!

Davis: This match should certainly be interesting.

Dingo: Of course. It's always great to see a new guy in TTW. I think Munch & Kuzuna didn't make the best choice in challenging them though. They've never seen Spade fight. They haven't had the chance to scout him. They aren't prepared.

Davis: They're confident though. That has to count for something. Anyway, it appears it will be Bowie and Munch starting this match off. Lockup in the centre and Bowie forces Munch into a headlock. Munch looks like he's about to fight it off though so Bowie flips him over into a headlock takeover. Bowie goes to apply another headlock but Munch fights him off and flips him over. Munch quickly gets him in a full nelson and pulls him up. Will we see a full nelson suplex? No, Bowie stalls it and breaks out.

Dingo: Good, that would've been bad for Bowie. Those hurt your neck like you wouldn't believe.

Davis: Side headlock now from Bowie but it doesn't look like it's applied all the way. Munch counters it into a saito suplex! Bowie's back to his feet and he's met with a T-bone suplex from Munch. Munch goes for the cover – one, two... Kickout! Munch tags in Kuzuna. Bowie's getting back to his feet but Kuzuna comes off the ropes with a springboard hurricanrana that sends him right back down again. Kuzuna runs to the ropes and comes back with a rolling thunder. He picks Bowie up now who goes for a punch but Kuzuna blocks it and jumps up for a monkey flip. Bowie holds on tight though and doesn't get thrown. In fact he rolls it over into a cover of his own! One – kickout.

Dingo: Bowie got the momentum back though and that's what matters.

Davis: Both men on their feet and Kuzuna goes for a spinning heel kick but Bowie ducks underneath it and takes him down. Bowie tags in Spade!

Dingo: Get ready to be impressed.

Davis: Spade jumps up to the ropes and lands a springboard splash on Kuzuna. Holds it for the cover – one, two... Kickout!

Dingo: Damn. Imagine if he'd gotten it though. Pinfall with his first move.

Davis: Well he didn't. Kuzuna's getting back to his feet but Spade cuts him off with a roundhouse kick. Kuzuna goes down but Spade lifts him back up. Kuzuna gets a kick in though that knocks Spade back a bit. Another kick now and Spade's back on the defensive. Irish whip from Kuzuna sends Spade into the corner. Kuzuna rushes after him but Spade gets a foot up and catches Kuzuna in the face. Spade flips backwards up to the top of the turnbuckle and jumps off with a flying martial arts kick of some kind.

Dingo: Yeah, Spade's got this again. Now he's giving some lip to Munch. Haha, now he's karate kicked him in the face and Munch has fallen off the apron! Spade's great so far.

Davis: I don't think that kick to Munch was entirely necessary. Anyway, Spade tags in Stunning Steven Bowie. Bowie goes over to lift up Kuzuna but Kuzuna trips him up! Kuzuna goes over to tag in Munch but he's not there: he's still down on the ground outside! He turns around to see Bowie. He tries to superkick him but Bowie sidesteps it and comes in for the codebreaker! Bowie hits the codebreaker and goes for the cover – one, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winners as the result of a pinfall, Stunning Steven Bowie and Spade!

Dingo: And what a victory that was.

Davis: Munch & Mike put up a good fight though. I think that both these teams will have a good future.

Dingo: Sure. Mainly Spade & Bowie though. 

Davis: And now I believe Marky DeVine and Wolf Hawkfield are backstage getting ready for their upcoming match – we cross to them now.

Marky DeVine: Well, well, well, look who this company just signed. If you don't know, then let me give you a hint. The guy that left wrestling for 3 years in order to learn MMA. Yeah, it's me. Marky FUCKING DeVine. The Savior of Wrestling is back and better than ever. I've decided to restart my wrestling career here in TTW, it seems like a pretty nice place. It's a good time, too, the show after Textamania, too. And in a tag match, no less. And what else this show is after? My beloved Texas Rangers going onto the ALCS, so Rangers. Anywho, I'm excited, but I really don't have anything else to say, I'm just glad to be here. I'm planning to win tonight with the help of my partner, and here he is, Wolf.

Wolf Hawkfield: Uh, thanks Marky. Anyway, tonight we got Heckler and Cole Show, the two men who, for some reason decided to jump me once the match was over. Part of it was my fault with being too trustworthy of others and thinking they could change their ways. I figured if Juan would go down the right path then maybe Heckler could do the same, but boy was I wrong. Then Cole Show being the natural scavenger that he is, joins in on the fun at my expense. Luckily for me a mystery person emerged from the crowd and got the drop on them, and that mystery person turned out to be the guy I'm standing next to right now. So I gotta ask ya Marky, what made you decide to come down there and help me?

DeVine: Well, I just HATE double-teamers, I mean, come on. You have to use someone else's help to beat the shit out of someone with nobody on their side? I also got offers from some big name places, you know, "da big leagues". But with the WWE in the state that it's in and TNA... being TNA... I decided to sign with TTW. I signed the day of Textamania and wanted to show myself on the night of Textamania, the premiere event of TTW. And I did. And it felt GREAT. It's gonna feel even better in the ring tonight in my first official TTW match. Don't ya think?

Wolf: Well if you perform like you did last week then you'll definitely make a name for yourself here in TTW, and that's coming from the first ever TTW World Champion. I also have to thank you for coming to my aid, if you didn't show up I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be standing right now. Cole Show was really aiming to break my ankle. So I'll say this Marky, good luck to you here in TTW, I know you'll do great, because we're going to show those two scavengers what real competition and respect is all about.

DeVine: Thank you, now let's go kick some ass.

Wolf: Don't have to tell me twice. 

Davis: And now I believe Cole Show has some words of his own.

Cole Show: That's right. I'm Cole Show, I'm backstage too, and I'm angry. You know why I'm angry? Because of Wolf Hawkfield, that's why. Wolf's good. He's a good wrestler. He's a good entertainer. But he's not me. I'm the best in the world. I'm the best in the world at wrestling, at entertaining and at broadcast journalism. I have never lost a match for a good reason. Every time Wolf's beaten me was a fluke. That's the only logical explanation – after all, I am the best in the world. I don't care what the internet thinks. I don't care what the TTW fans here in Minnesota think. Frankly I don't care what anyone in Minnesota thinks, although the rest of the USA can probably agree with that last one. Anyway, I know I'm better than Wolf, and I'm going to prove it now.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following tag team match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 427 lbs, the team of Marky DeVine and Wolf Hawkfield! And their opponents, at a combined weight of 545 lbs, the team of Cole Show and The Heckler!

Dingo: This is going to be one hell of a fight. Cole Show and The Heckler are spitting chips at Wolf's repeated wins and would like nothing more than to just bash him into a pulp.

Davis: Hmmm. They would be disqualified for that.

Dingo: Obviously, Davis. The trick is to hurt Wolf as much as they can without that happening.

Davis: Anyway, it appears it will be The Heckler starting off with Wolf Hawkfield. Lockup in the centre and Heckler takes control, forcing Wolf down. Wolf breaks out into a drop toe hold though that sends Heckler down. He quickly scrambles back to his feet but Wolf's ready and gets him in a belly to belly lock. Headbutt from Heckler though breaks the hold. Punch now from Heckler sends Wolf back. He follows it up with a toe kick but Wolf grabs his foot and turns it into a dragon screw. Heckler quickly gets back to his feet though.

Dingo: I don't think anyone here has the advantage.

Davis: Looks like they've both realised it too as they both tag out. Cole Show and Marky DeVine are in the ring now. Cole Show moves first and goes for a big clothesline on DeVine but he ducks it. Standing dropkick from DeVine sends Show backwards but doesn't take him off his feet. DeVine moves in but Show cuts him off with a big boot to the face.

Dingo: DeVine just got dropped like a stone. Cole Show's got this in the bag already. 

Davis: I thought you would have learned by now not to make premature calls.

Dingo: It's not premature. I know Cole Show's got this.

Davis: DeVine's getting back to his feet now but Show's waiting for him – cobra clutch backbreaker! Standing leg drop from Show now and he goes into the cover – one, two... Kickout! Cole Show tags in The Heckler. DeVine's getting back up but Heckler whips him into the ropes and runs into the other ropes himself – bulldog! He picks up DeVine again but this time DeVine's fighting back! He's getting some really fast kicks in and Heckler doesn't seem to be able to block them – jumping DDT from DeVine now! And he tags in Wolf.

Dingo: What? No! This is just like Cole Show was saying! That was all just flukes.

Davis: Running shoulder block from Wolf sends Heckler down to the mat. He's back up though but Wolf's rebounding and takes him down with another shoulder block. Heckler gets back up though. Wolf's still running the ropes and comes at him for a lariat but Heckler lashes out with a clothesline of his own. Both men are down!

Dingo: Whoever gets up first has this match won. And it'll be Heckler.

Davis: Who will get up first? They're both stirring. I think Wolf's going to be up first – he is! Wolf's up and he tags in Marky DeVine! But now Heckler's up and he tags in Cole Show. DeVine attacks him before he's even fully in the ring! Show's now trapped with one leg on each side of the ropes. DeVine runs up onto the turnbuckle. He turns back around and jumps – clothesline! Jumping clothesline to Cole Show knocks him back inside the ring! I think DeVine calls that the Rose of Sharon.

Dingo: I call it a fluke.

Davis: DeVine goes for the cover – one, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the winners of this match as the result of a pinfall, the team of Marky DeVine and Wolf Hawkfield!

Davis: This'll certainly give Wolf Hawkfield some momentum.

Dingo: He needs it. He's got a World Championship match looming. Speaking of which, the World Championship match is right now.

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is your main event of the evening! It is scheduled for one fall and it is for the TTW World Championship! Introducing first, from the blinding whiteness of the tundra, weighing in at 160 lbs, he is the reigning TTW World Champion, Blizzard Mask 20XX!

Blizzard stands in the center of the ring, microphone in one hand and the TTW World Championship in the other. After teasing the crowd with his silence for a minute, he raises the microphone to his lips and speaks.

Blizzard Mask 20XX: I have something I want to say to all the boys and girls in the locker room. And seeing as how I'm your NEW...he raises the belt in the air ...TTW World Champion, I think I can be afforded a few minutes to air my thoughts.

He swings the belt over his shoulder and keeps talking.

Blizzard: Now, I've said this before, so I'll keep it quick and clean for those of you who aren't paying close enough attention. Now that I'm the champ, a lotta things are gonna have to change. For too long TTW has been a melting pot of mediocrity, a food chain perverted by crippled predators and their meaningless conflicts, a place where failure not only existed, but THRIVED.

He walks over to the ropes and directs his attention to the entrance ramp.

Blizzard: That isn't to say I don't understand, if not sympathize - a jungle is only as deadly as the lion that rules it, and up until now this jungle's been ruled by old, sick, worthless beasts, men and women so complacent with the lack of young competition that the entire kingdom before them became a stagnant puddle of wasted potential.

He stares intensely at the ramp, through to the locker room.

Blizzard: Not anymore. A Young Lion's in the jungle now, and evolution is the first order of business. I'm going to turn this company into a warzone, a Valhalla inhabited by only the greatest warriors this business has to offer. So now everybody in the back has a choice to make: You either get with the program, or you become collateral damage.

Blizzard steps back, smiling slightly as he does.

Blizzard: Juan Carlos, tonight is your only opportunity. Prove to me, prove to these people, prove to yourself that you deserve a place in my Valhalla. Adapt Or Die.

After giving it a moment's thought, he adds-

Blizzard: Chill on THAT.

-and drops the microphone. 

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, from Ireland, weighing in at 180 lbs, Juan Carlos!

Davis: Very strong words from Blizzard there.

Dingo: Don't doubt that he'll be able to back them up.

Davis: I don't. He's the World Champion after all. I'm just not sure if it's wise to anger Juan more than he undoubtedly already is. 

Dingo: Angry people make mistakes.

Davis: That's true, but they also fight a lot harder.

Dingo: Fair enough. 

Davis: It looks like Blizzard's trash talking Juan. Ref's about to call for the bell and this is going to be a great match. Knife edge chop straight away from Juan and Blizzard's immediately forced onto the defensive. Repeated knife edge chops from Juan now sending Blizzard into the ropes. Blizzard tries to push his way out but a standing dropkick sends him over the ropes and out to the floor below.

Dingo: Maybe Blizzard pushed Juan a little bit too far.

Davis: Juan leaves the ring himself. He picks up Blizzard and slams his face into the apron, then turns him around and throws him into the barricade. Juan goes over to pick him up but Blizzard's still aware and kicks him in the face. Blizzard gets back up, grabs Juan, and throws him into the steel steps. 

Dingo: This is a full-on fight now. Ref's nearly counted them out though.

Davis: That could be what Blizzard's intending – no, he's rolled in to break the count. Juan's still on the steps. Blizzard picks him up off them and throws him shoulder first into the post.

Dingo: Ow, I can feel that hurt from here. 

Davis: Blizzard gets back in the ring, breaking the count again, and climbs onto the turnbuckle. He comes off with a double stomp onto Juan who's still on the steps!

Dingo: Oooooooh... even I reckon that's going a bit too far.

Davis: Blizzard pushes Juan back into the ring now and goes for the cover – one, two... Kickout! How can Juan still be in this?

Dingo: He's really giving it all he's got. 

Davis: Blizzard picks Juan up and locks in a standing armbar! 

Dingo: This has to be it, Juan's already taken too much.

Davis: Juan's not tapping out yet. In fact, I think he's starting to – yes, he's starting to break it! And now he's out! Juan's broken the hold! Both men to their feet now but Blizzard cuts him off with a few quick kicks then whips him to the corner. Blizzard comes charging in but Juan ducks and Blizzard goes shoulder-first into the steel pole!

Dingo: Mate, everyone's gonna be having shoulder problems tomorrow.

Davis: Juan rolls Blizzard over and climbs the turnbuckle himself. Moonsault! Juan Carlos hits the moonsault! Cover – one, two... Kickout! Both men are still down though.

Dingo: They've both gone through a hell of a beating. I don't know how much more either of them can take. 

Davis: They're both staggering to their feet now. Blizzard gets a punch in first but Juan gets one of his own in too. Punch from Blizzard. Punch from Juan. Punch from Blizzard. Punch from Juan. Another punch from Juan. And another punch from Juan! I think Juan has the momentum again – mafia kick from Blizzard.

Dingo: Guess not.

Davis: Juan's slowly getting back up. He's vulnerable in that crouching position though – White Horizon from Blizzard! It doesn't knock Juan though! Juan just took a roundhouse kick to the head and stayed up!

Dingo: Wow. I – wow.

Davis: Blizzard looks shocked too. He hits the White Horizon again and Juan still doesn't go down. Another White Horizon and Juan's still up. Blizzard pulls back and hits the White Horizon one more time – and Juan finally goes down. Blizzard goes in for the cover – one, two... Three!

Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner and still TTW World Champion, Blizzard Mask 20XX!

Dingo: I still can't believe it took four White Horizons to put Juan Carlos down.

Davis: And that was on top of all the damage that Blizzard had previously done.

Dingo: Yeah. Wow.

Davis: Ladies and gentlemen, we'll see you next time. Goodnight.