Video Adding Guide


This is an updated guide to upload to the AES Network in which the main difference is that we don't use the JWPlayer anymore, effectively making this a shorter process. Woo hoo. Anyway, let's get started.

Adding to the network revolves around the S3 Browser, namely uploading through the browser and then nabbing a web URL to use when adding it to the Network.

Uploading to the server is fairly easy. First, make sure your file is MP4 format. We know some render in MP4 anyway, but some also render in WMV. If you render in WMV, use Handbrake to convert your files using the default settings (but make sure there's no automatic cropping). In a pretty short amount of time it spits out an MP4 file that looks great and is a fraction of the size it started.

Speaking of file size, it's of utmost importance you keep the file size down just because if you upload larger files, it costs more money. The site really benefits if you can cut down the file size so just keep that in mind.

Some tips for keeping your file size down: Most games are not 1080p. It is not necessary to render at 1080p 60FPS because 2K14 for example straight up doesn't broadcast in 1080p. 720p 30FPS WMV is usually fine and can get your show hovering around 3-4 GB on average, and then encoding as MP4 with Handbrake can get it down even more. Sometimes, like for NOW, just 480p is fine. Please be courteous - The more ways we save money and space means the more videos we can add here. 

So, let's talk about the two major facets of this Network: Uploading and embedding.

Uploading Your Videos To The Server

So here is the thing, the Amazon server is basically like a Dropbox! However, the only web client is tied to my Amazon account and you're not going to get those details. So what you'll need is a program called S3 Browser. It's simple to install and use, and when you open it up it'll ask you for an access code and password. Talk to Matt aka The Doctor to get one of those - he is the one that can generate them. After you log in, you should be able to see what folders there are! Find the one for your fed or create one if there isn't one already by hitting the New Bucket button (be sure to name it like the rest of the folders there) and get to uploading. The files may look a little weird while uploading - I hear that sometimes they seem to be uploading in parts - but when it's all done you should have a file right there. 

And that's it! As long as your files are MP4-encoded and aren't a massive filesize you don't have to do anything else. People who have access to the server, like streamers, should be able to grab your video just fine and download it with ease.

As a final note, please replace any spaces in your file with underscores or remove spaces completely.

Putting your video onto the Network Page.

First things first: You'll need to right click your video in S3 Browser and Edit Permissions (ACL). Check the Read boxes for every option. Then you can right click again and click Generate Web URL. There's a convenient copy-to-clipboard option right there! This is an example of what the link should look like:

Next you'll need access to an admin account on the AES Network page, ask Francis for access to one or if he's not around, any AES Content Manager. If not them, then any AES Staff member will do. Do not register for one since it'll ask for your credit card info and we don't want your credit card info. We're not here to buy Vitas.

Once you are logged in, hover over your admin account on the top right. This will bring up a drop down menu. Click on admin to access the admin control panel where you add the videos. If you did it right, you should see a page with some graphs about us having like 10 viewers on the page.

There will be a vertical black tool bar to your left. Hover over the one that looks like a film reel with a play button and then click Add New Video.

This is where it goes down, the Add New Video page. Add the name of your fed along with what episode it is and what not.

Adding a video image cover is basically adding a thumbnail. If you need a thumbnail then first, check this thread and access the Dropbox in the thread and see if it's there:

If it's not there but you're sure one exists ask Francis or any other AES Content Manager to get it. If you don't have a thumbnail at all, either make one yourself, or ask an AES Content Manager or any of our artistically gifted AES users to make one for you. Make sure the dimensions are 16:9 because if they aren't the page has a breakdown and looks pretty borked.

The video source is where we use that URL from earlier. Click on the drop down menu next to the phrase Video Format and select Video File. Paste the URL from the S3 Browser that you generated into the Mp4 File URL field.

Categorize it into the right category. We have Current eFeds, Past eFeds, CAW Entrances, Misc, Supershows, Ads, and Podcasts. If you don't know where to put it, then ask the fed head if you're uploading for them or an AES Content Manager.

The video details is just basically a place where you could post the whole card ala like a card thread. You can copy and paste it there and format it until you are satisified, or you can make a whole new thing.

Small description is just something like "On this Episode of OGW, Boss McBossman has a big announcement, Baby Dragon takes on the champ, and much more!".

Tags help with organization. However they don't work super great, so this is now an optional task.

Duration you just fill with how long the show is. This is also optional.



From there you publish the video, check it out on the site to make sure it worked, and you're good to go! I know it seems like a bit of work but it's pretty simple once you get into the swing of things. The important thing to remember is to keep the video in the right format and to put the converted video in Public.

I hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to ask a AES Content Manager or anyone who knows how to upload!

(Guide originally written by Matt, revised by Francis)